On etiquette, crockpot recipes, and passions

The blogging process for me has been about as complicated as a teenage relationship. 

"Yes, I'm ready to make it official!" 

Throws out first blog called "How to be a Lady" on modern day etiquette but doesn't have enough tips and tricks to keep it going. A good sign I'm not the one for that topic! 

"Well, kinda ready. So let's do this blogging thing but low-key."

Blog #2 "Fried Green Tomatoes" makes its debut on topics such as home decor and cooking. Shortly thereafter it is discovered that cooking and home decorating are not my passions. Who knew?

"Let's just keep this thing private. No one needs to know. Cool?"

Time frame where I knew I loved to write, except on topics for young professionals and millennial "stuff"

But I'm young and the experienced folks are the ones that need to speak into these areas. They have the years, I just have the yearning to learn more. 

That was the thought. To live out my calling but never talk about it. Well that makes perfect sense, huh? 

So I bolstered down in the fall of 2015 to discover what the value really was in blogging. 

Why not create a space for young professionals to learn together? Write about the topics you love discussing, not with years of experience but with a heart set on growing and learning. And do this as a peer among peers. Feel the freedom? I did. We're all in the same boat here. 

And this became the result. No more recipes for the crockpot (although I'd love yours), ideas for painting your the interior of your home (again, I'd love your recommendations!)-- now I enter into an area that is my jam and butter on a biscuit. 

Round Three: Let's try this again. Let's learn together and make an impact on our communities all the while.