Ministry Appreciation Month-- October

As I was purchasing every item in Wal-Mart before the baby arrives (no seriously), I came across the card section stating:

Ministry Appreciation Month: October

Am I the only bad Christian out there that didn’t know October was the month for this? Eekk, for years I have forgotten to acknowledge those in ministry.

So my pregnant self and my giant cart full of EVERYTHING waddled over to pick up a few cards because this month is very important (now that I’m aware).

If you’re like me and were not aware of this month’s highlight, please take the time to consider the individuals in ministry that impact your life—it could be an individual, family, couple, organization, the list goes on and on.

‘Therefore encourage one another and build one another up….”

I have friends who are dedicated to full time ministry that sacrifice so much to be able to dedicate their lives accordingly. Living across the globe from family in hostile environments, driving their car from college that was already “old” in college, broken in prayer for those that they serve…. They love so big and so sacrificially. And it’s all for the sake of the gospel, that’s their motivation. What a sweet reminder during October of how all Christians are called to live in the exact same manner—we are all full time ambassadors no matter our "titles".

How can we love these people in our lives? Well, start with the card aisle in Wal-Mart and go from there….

To All of our people in Ministry: we love you, we thank you, and we celebrate you!