The Capacity Card

I'm at my capacity.


I’ve reached my limit.


Both are common phrases we hear in the daily conversations, and often times, this can be true. But as I think about this as a young professional, I wonder if we haven’t simply adopted these into our vocabularies with a false sense of what is truly going on.

When I say, “I just don’t have the time for ________.”, I am reminded of the above phrases of being at capacity or at a certain limit. I think we would better serve ourselves and others by saying, “I choose ______ instead.”

Here are a few questions I am asking myself when I feel a “I’m at my capacity” statement coming on:


1.       Am I being stretched to grow in some area and uncomfortable with this?

2.       Am I not prioritizing and using my time in a way that allows me to do what needs to be done?

3.       Am I not resting well when it is time to do so, always being in “go mode” and therefore unable to properly reboot?

And most of all,

4.       Is God teaching me something now that I need to lean into, despite it not feeling great?

Let us not throw down the “capacity card” the next time we feel a bit pulled and ask the tougher questions. It may certainly be the case. But if not, it may be a unique opportunity to embrace something constructive and restoring in our lives.