That one piece of paper

This time of year in agriculture, specifically row crop farming, is full of meetings and trainings as we prepare for harvest. Soon enough, combines will be running. It’s the most rewarding time of year.

As young professionals, we are all engaged in meetings in some fashion or form. Some of us have meetings all day, every day.

We all want to show up to a well-organized meeting with relevant content and a progressive nature. Sometimes we’re the ones behind that process, other times we are simply a meeting participant. 

Back in June, I traveled to my company’s national sales meeting which is full of sessions in which we listen with a goal of understanding the year in review and the plans for the year ahead.

In one of my break-outs, one of the presenters walked over and handed me this piece of paper:

He asked me to fill it out and provide feedback on the session. I agreed and for the remainder of that hour, I don’t think I stopped engaging in the meeting in its entirety.

(Not going to lie, a week of meetings can cause one to zone out here and there. What’s for lunch today? It is time to go pump again? Wonder what the kiddos are doing now? Wonder what the hubby is into now? Did he remember to pack fruit and not cookies for the car ride?)

Ok… you get it.

BUT with this one note, I engaged. Fully. I was jotting down feedback which led to other questions to ask during the session itself.

I share this with other young professionals as a very, very simple tool to keep when you feel like your engagement meter is off. Simply jot down these questions, write your feedback, and watch yourself engage better.

Also, lesson learned—what a growth mindset from this individual to walk into a room after doing this presentation no telling how many times and ask for continuous feedback.