I like to make it a habit to write on Monday mornings for this blog. It's really more for the discipline of sitting down to write what I'm learning and what someone else may find value in. I try to jot down topics and ideas throughout the week, schedule it as a task on Things for Mondays mornings while enjoying that cup of coffee early in the morning to kick off the day and week.

I skipped out last week. I had jotted down that "agape love" was to be the topic, the Monday before Valentines Day and Ash Wednesday. What better week to highlight that love is enduring, unconditional, persists through suffering, and doesn't seek selfishness. I had considered practical applications for young professionals like myself regarding agape love-- selfless work ethic, lack of concern for the "credit", and fostering unity in the workplace. 

Sunday evening, Feb. 13th, my aunt passed away after over two years of a battle with cancer. My uncle had passed away only months before from over a year battle with cancer, as well. My Dad is one of fourteen children and most would assume that a family this size has grown not only in numbers but also in distance and therefore distant in connectivity. Quite the contrary. This family is a through thick and thin type group. You might be ticked off at the other but someone calls at 2 am with a flat tire. No hesitation, you leave to help. So when two of the siblings went to battle with cancer, they all went to battle with cancer. 

What I was going to write about on Monday morning just didn't happen. Not only is a blog not the priority after losing a loved one-- I didn't need to write it down to actualize it. I saw faithfulness in the form of day by day by day commitment to another, meals prepared, tears cried, miles driven to and from appointments. I saw love amidst suffering and pain. 

The beauty of Valentines Day and Ash Wednesday landing on the same day was a demonstration that love and suffering are a pair. Love is not an emotion or a whim or anything along the line of the modern day thinking of "all about me and my feelings." 

Agape love-- unconditional love of the Father displayed by Christ on a cross. What a radical juxtaposition. Ultimate sacrifice; life-giving. Love and truth; Mercy and grace; suffering and hope. When you're in the presence of this love, it is hard to even write on it. 

So no practical application here. Some days it's good to sit on something.