I often fall into the trap of use of the word "deserve". Maybe more so mentally using the word in my thoughts but don't we love that word? We love to use phrases like...

I deserve better. I worked hard for this, I deserve it. You deserve someone who appreciates you.

Maybe it's something I'd like to have or be a part of or maybe it's something I currently do have. So spoken more for a protective sense of the word. But anytime I catch myself using the word deserve, I then try to mentally remind myself to go back to my 5th grade English class. We would often dissect sentences to show where the noun, adjectives, etc. were located to better understand the use of each individual word. And the goal was to also understand the true meaning of words or correct mistakes we made in using certain words in a sentence. 

So using that apparently old-school learning technique, I remind myself that I need to do a little word revision. By taking off the "de", I can quickly remind myself of the true goal-- to serve and not be served. Think I deserve more recognition for doing something? Serve, not deserve. Think I deserve some time away to relax? Serve, not deserve. 

As young professionals, a serving, not deserving, mindset will move our companies, organizations, and communities toward progress, get the attention off ourselves, and create an environment in which the concern for the "credit" is of less focus than the meaningful work being done. This is not to say that company culture that rewards and appreciates quality performance is not important. It is to say that in our circle of influence each and every day, a quick word dissection and revision can make a big impact on our outlooks.