Water bottles and the 'Do you know who I am?' syndrome


I recently had a plane ride in which a 7th grade science test question played out. The gal on the end of my row had a water bottle, went to open her water bottle in the air that had a straw opening, and kapoosh-- the water went right up in the air and landed on the head of the gentleman in front of us. 

The test question would have read something like:

Upon reaching full altitude during a plane ride, a water bottle with trapped water in a straw, trapped at ground level, will do the following once opened:

A) remain in the straw

B) dribble out of the straw

C) fly through the air and land on the head of a business man who can't laugh to save his life

Ok.... So hint, hint.... the answer was C. The gal next to me apologized to the man as soon as it happened, asked the flight attendant for some napkins, offered those napkins to him, and apologized yet again. This man couldn't let it go. "Do you know who I am?" radiated all around or maybe it was the water glistening off his hair with those airplane lights shining above. He was angry and there was nothing that could change that for this malicious person behind him DARE engage in such hooligan behavior. 

Sometimes we need to laugh. And get over ourselves. At the least, let someone off the hook for a complete and total accident that really did no harm. (Maybe he felt his hair was on point that day and was upset about it?)

Let us not be young professionals without a sense of humor, an ability to let people off the hook, and any sense of the what I like to call the "do you know who I am?" syndrome. Because no, no one really does most times nor do they care. Also, let us be young professionals with strawless water bottles on airplane rides. Except maybe not, because this one provided a good laugh for everyone in our section except that poor victim.