Heads Up (but not always)


I went on a run this morning, an April morning in Kentucky. If you don't live here, you might imagine a chilly spring morning, birds chirping, and the sun peaking through the sky, about to warm up the day of blossoms and green grass. 

It was 34 degrees and snowing, wind blowing flurries all around. Not your ideal Kentucky spring morning. 



As I first started running, the bitter cold smacked me in the face along with the snow. I then tucked my face down to avoid that cold wintery feeling but then shortly started to see light reflections around me as folks were leaving in their vehicles. It was then that I realized I needed to look back up to avoid getting hit by a car. But as soon as I did that, those little snow flakes started smacking me in the face again. As the run continued, I realized it was going to have to be a balance of both, getting hit in the face by the wintery mix while looking up for the big stuff-- cars in and out-- while also tucking back down to stay focused and steady on my run.

It made me think how this was very much the nature of a work day for young professionals. The combination of keeping our heads up to see the big stuff coming that we aren't prepared for while also keeping our heads down to do the work and staying focused. 

I've had a few mentors ask questions along the line of thinking before-- what are you doing to accomplish your work right here and now? And at the same time, what are you doing to develop your future plans, take a look at the big things headed your way?

And so today, after my wintery April run, I hope this can remind us all to consider these questions. Maybe just imagine yourself on a run in Kentucky in April when it's snowing to illustrate the scenario. (Insert palm-to-face emoji)