Advice from a Shark


On a recent episode of Entre Leadership, Daymond John talks about his newest book and shares more about his life story. If you're a fan of Shark Tank, you know Daymond and his story a bit but this episode shared more about his recent battler with cancer and what becoming a Dad of a sweet baby girl has led him to focus on over the past few years.  

I loved when he talked about networking-- I'm not quoting him with this... it was something to the degree of...

Don't focus on the people at the so-called "top". Get time and learn from ordinary people doing extraordinary things. 

He shared he had learned a ton from a mother of two children on how to champion his daughter who has dyslexia. He shared that a step father who is his true father in life had molded him. 

When young professionals think about networking, there tends to be a pressure to try to get time with those at the top of the business, the keynote at a conference, or the "girl or guy in charge". But if our goal is to build relationships to widen our perspective on life, I think Daymond has a great message for us to seek out the ordinary doing extraordinary things. They have gritty, life perspective, they have real life, practical applications, and most of all, they are influential because of their persistent, consistent life work. 

I'm thinking.... 

Farmers, teachers, nurses, just to name a few....

In a recent episode of Sharpen, Dr. Bob Long talked about this being a crucial part of his career and told us a few stories of when he did this and the impact those people had in the world of nonprofit. 

And Daymond's message made me breathe in some fresh air on the concept of networking because MY KINDA PEOPLE that are easy to talk to, make time for you, and have a real life connection to the policies, programs, and people that matter.