Because there is nothing magical about January...


Because there is nothing magical about January.... 

(in the words of Lara Casey)

I decided to join in the Whole 30 madness/insanity/goodness/sh*% in May for a few reasons:

1. Better access to fresh fruits and veggies being harvested here locally 

(Thank you Cecil Farms for my fresh box this summer.)

2. Out of the winter haze and snack-a-thon

3. The most important why.... dependence is being evaluated... and what I mean by that is....

Recently, I've been observing and trying to attack things I have dependence on. Now not the "good stuff" in life dependence. But things weighing me down, literally and figuratively. A few examples- social media, junk food/desserts. If I'm so drawn to something like food that taking something away gives me head aches, makes me moody, or causes any addiction-like symptoms, Houston, we have a problem. Please hear this-- I am not against dairy, grains, gluten etc. like some commentary you'll read on Whole 30. I am quite for lots of good protein, fruits, vegetables and want that to be the majority of what I consume. (P.S. Thanks America's farmers for making this a reality.) The goal for me is to strip down the diet so much to point out obvious and not so obvious addictions to show, hey I don't need this. And I'm going to take it away to prove it. 

(Coffee is one but don't touch that one, my friends. And if you do bring it up, you're a goner in terms of friendship. I mean, just kidding. My hubby went cold turkey on coffee and all caffeine and is handling it like a pro so it gives me hope... but not enough now to want to take it away... baby steps)

So if you're considering Whole 30, I'm not sure if my upcoming weekly summaries will encourage you or deflect you since I don't know what fully this will entail. But I'm hopeful that on Day 30 my statement is-- DO IT! HOORAY, I FEEL SO MUCH MORE ENERGY. And if it happens to be-- THIS IS THE WORST DECISION OF MY LIFE, which is likely apparently at some point, then maybe still do it any way. Hard things in life do not equal bad things in life. 

More to come on this decision in life.... 

Meanwhile, I'll be hunkered down this week trying to not be angry toward anyone who is drinking flavored coffee, eating Chex Mix, or DARE I SAY IT (see the hanger is already coming out) telling me about a new cheese they tried and loved. 

Would love to hear from you....What's something you want to start now because there is nothing magical about January?