Week 1 of W30

When we started Whole 30 last week, there were a slew of calendars and pictures that shared the sentiment of each day. The highs and lows. Mostly lows, if we're being honest. Ha! 

I decided to keep a daily journal on how it's all going. Mainly for myself. Partly for ranting. 

Day 1:

- The planning is insane-- but the grocery shopping was rather easy. Just go to essentially 3-4 sections of the store and camp out for a bit. 

- No coffee creamer? Black coffee? For real, Melissa whatever your name is? 

- I went to bed with a headache. A wake up call, for sure, in that obviously I have some dependance going on with certain food groups. The tasty food groups. Ha! 

Day 2:

- I woke up feeling less groggy/foggy and without my stomach growling which was a surprise. 

- Head ache existed throughout the day but only minor one. 

- So. Much. Grocery Shopping. 

- Purchased unsweetened almond milk... hopeful but setting proper expectations that it's not going to be great in my coffee 

Day 3:

- Woke up without a head ache or a completely empty stomach 


- Scratch the head ache comment... it's baaaaack! My stomach is telling my head (and heart- ha!) to enjoy some pizza, ice cream, and chips and salsa.... but my calendar with WHOLE 30 written at the top is telling my head no. So it protests. 

Days 4, 5, 6:

- The headaches are gone! They have stayed gone, too. But oh-so tired... I've been out in the sun a lot lately for work so that's factoring in but as expected, tired as heck. 

- My snack now includes a Lara Bar with Almond Milk. I had that on these days and it felt like splurging.... ohmyword... what has this come to?!

- We had invited some friends over a month or so ago for dinner and then realized that not everyone might love a Whole 30 meal. Ha! But they still came, ate a meal with us, and brought cookies for the children's sake. Our daughters love them dearly now for this mighty act of sugar and delight and now want them as parents, at least for the next 3 weeks. 

Days 7 and 8 (ok now we're into week 2 a bit):

- So I've discovered that the use of garlic pepper, ancho chili pepper, garlic powder, and some lime juice used on any meat in the crockpot leads to a pretty good meal in the evenings. Hubby voted this as a great option post-Whole 30. Which we often discuss what life will look like on the other side.... we even shared the food item we will enjoy when this madness ends. Pitiful? Yes. We. Are. 

- Meal prepped for the week ahead which should make life easier-- less chopping, cutting of veggies and fruits. 

Hopefully helpful on a practical note because I have to have routine in meals to keep my sanity:

- Breakfast is bullet proof coffee 

- Lunches are either eggs with avocado, hot sauce, and a fruit or a salad with W30 components 

- Dinners include a protein in the crockpot usually with an oven roasted veggies and fruit

- Snack is a Lara Bar with Almond Milk (unsweetened, original) or W30 approved nuts