W30 Completion 🍎🍊🍋🍏

I thought a day-by-day journal would be kept for the remainder of Whole 30 but the same themes day after day existed. So here we are.......

Whole 30 is complete!

Feeling 🏃🏻‍♀️👌🏻💪🏻

8 lbs down

Eating better than I have, probably in my lifetime

And those themes after that first week that continued for the rest of the month?

- Lots of grocery shopping but it became much easier once I figured out how much to buy in one stop

- More fresh fruits and veggies than ever.... 

- I miss coffee creamer dearly

- My exercise felt better (lighter!) most days

- The daily decisions didn't feel like a big weight anymore... they just happened

So all in all, I highly recommend Whole 30 and we will be practicing the fundamentals from here out as a family. But you better believe my coffee has had cream in it on the daily since completion. (Partly because they took my ghee and coconut oil at the airport but only a few of you know what I'm talking about and are rolling your eyes because I'm still lamenting the loss)

If you are considering, my favorite recipes include:

1. Coconut shrimp curry with cauliflower rice

2. Beef with lime and garlic pepper in the crockpot

3. Grilled chicken and veggies

4. Veggie Frittata