Lessons from the rogue Schnauzer

I posted this photo in my Instagram story a few weeks ago.


5:58 am in Kentucky before the heat amps up for the day: A sweet moment in the early part of the day, drinking coffee as my little one is waking up to join me… such sweetness.

But what I didn’t follow up with was a video series on the remainder of that Monday morning. This gal came outside to call her puppy, Ozzie the-rogue-Schnauzer, back into the house from his potty break. But the thing is that he didn’t come…. So we shouted some more. (I’m sure the neighbors loved this at 6 am.)

So obviously his wireless collar had failed us. Also it’s a Monday morning… With a conference call about to begin. So the oldest and the hubby took off driving around the neighborhood looking for Ozzie because she says, “Sissy will be really sad if he ran away”. (Sweet sister, rotten dog) The youngest starts waking up moments later and then the door bell rings. Oz man is now at the front of the house and our neighbor had come over to tell us. (Did she hear us yelling at 6 am? Whoops.)

Where has he been? He has ruined my peace and quiet of a Monday morning. That stinkin’ dog.

So we walked outside with Trix (you gotta do what you gotta do). Ozzie can tell I’m ticked and runs over… but straight to the baby (who is now 20 months so not so much a baby). She greets him with a hug, a happy squeal, a handful of cereal, and the biggest smile. She didn’t even know he had taken off; that’s just the way she greets him each morning.

Can you blame Ozzie? He had gone down the wrong path, partly because his owner (yours truly) let him get there. He knew he was in trouble. And when the one Green stood with open arms and a snack vs. the other one with an angry face, he knew exactly what to do. 

Driving the girls into town that morning, I laughed to myself thinking about the events of the morning and also began to reflect on the two characters displayed. No wonder Ozzie or any person for that matter would go to the youngest Green. A scowl on the face, posture of anger, and clinched fist of Trix doesn't sound like someone I want to process a mishap with.... obviously, Oz man wasn't up for much processing (but rather a long nap after his eventful morning adventure). But our different reactions reminded me of the kind of person I want to be if someone is coming to me with an issue, concern, or a mistake.