Create more than you consume


Recently, I attended a session at our church for "technology and families". The speaker (who I hope to have on the Sharpen podcast soon!) offered great insight and practical tips to help families think through technology better in their home lives. The one thing that stood out to me that day was....

Create more than you consume. 

Her comments were around creating more, rather than consuming technology and being entertained and thought for. So I went home and began pondering how we might create more than we consume when it comes to technology. (I also went home and when my hubby turned on Netflix for the girls to watch while we prepared lunch, I yelled "NOOOOO!" as he grabbed the remote. Haha-- ZERO Technology today, man!) 

And as I thought more about this idea, I found it translating to so many other areas of my life. Things like....

- Create more friendships by initiating rather than sulk and wait for someone to initiate to me

- Create healthy meals by investing resources rather than consume what I want, when I want it

- Create moments to reflect and plan rather than just consume the days and their events

- Create order in a household of littles rather than consume the messes as a victim of toddler destruction (haha!) 

Creating more than we consume enriches lives and the speaker of the family tech. session emphasized this-- this is the joy of creating. We stretch our minds, our bodies, and our hearts to a greater extent for greater impact. 

I'll keep reflecting on this idea and ask for you to join me-- what can I create vs. consume in my life?