The power of an invite


A follow up to last week's post on Creating more than you consume would be the power of an invite. 

Think back to a time when someone invited you to go somewhere, to join a conversation, or be a part of something that without that invite, you would have never experienced. And maybe that event or conversation led to a major moment of change in your life-- an idea, a job, a new friend, meeting your spouse for the first time, you name it. 

I wrote a post one day about the power of an invite from a co-worker named Telynda. 

Wow. The power of an invite. I can only imagine the stories we'd all share if we were sitting down together. 

(Speaking of which, if you have a story on the power of an invite, I would love to hear it. You can share it here!)

Leadership books often leave this one out. Who do you need to invite? Do you have a lunch meeting, conference, favorite dinner spot, or a sports team? Do you have an interest or a group of amazing people you're a part of or the ability to make popcorn or salsa? Then you have the means to extend an invite. 

I think as young professionals if we become people that invite others along and into our worlds we can change the trajectory of lives, even our own lives. Creating vs. consuming more invites seems like a great choice to make for some game changer moments.