Do something practically

The past few months, I have chatted with future podcast guests and friends who have been walking through a season of pain and suffering. Each and every time I ask them what they wish their co-workers, friends, and family knew..... or something that stands out to them as a time they've felt cared for during this difficult season-- each and every time I have heard this response...

Just do it. Just find a way to serve a practical need and do it. Everyone says "let us know if you need anything". When you're in the midst of it, you don't know what you need and if you do, you don't have the time or space to request that of others. So just do something that helps practically. 

This has been on my mind lately. How can we as young professionals seek to serve our co-workers, neighbors, and others practically? And just do it without request or specifics? Sometimes I think that those specifics would help me serve better but I've come to realize that it's the thinking on behalf of that person and his/her needs is what generates love. Even if they hate cheese pizza, the way their car was washed and is now water spotted, or the invite to go to something that they don't really enjoy, the response is always signaling that they feel cared for and loved. The goal. 

Grab a post-it note or your phone to-do list: Who is someone walking through pain and suffering in your life? Send a meal or a gift card for one; wash a car or mow a lawn; take a car for an oil change or grab the laundry and return it clean and folded; whatever practically meets a need, just do it.