A Gratitude Response

If you listen to anyone speak on the topic of mornings— how to maximize them, structure them etc.— you’ll hear one key component in each speaker’s content, I’m assuming.

Write down X number of things you are grateful for to start the day.

Somebody far better qualified than me will tell you the science behind this. I can tell you what it does is focus your mind on the goodness of the day before or the day ahead. It trains you to have a response of gratitude…. rather than a response of anxiousness, entitlement, burden, etc.

I’m having to train myself throughout the day, though, to go through the same process. A gratitude response, if you will.


Not in a fake way of “spinning the situation” (hello my fellow 3’s on the Enneagram… I see you, I get you). A mindset of gratitude can be displayed by genuinely expressing thanks to the many, many people you interact with throughout the day. Run through a drive thru? Be legit thankful and add in some detail around that. Have a meeting? Call out the work you know was done for folks to be there and thank them. Eating dinner with your family? Tell them something maybe small that you appreciate about them.

I can think of some people right now that when I think of a ‘spirit of gratitude’ they come to mind. And I so enjoy being in their presence. As young professionals, I can imagine these are the people we want to be around and be like, yes?

Anyone else gratitude training themselves? How’s that going?