Awe and Wonder

Flying home this week from Denver, CO, I found myself caught in the trap. You know- get on the airplane, put ear buds in, talk to no one, send emails— aka avoid all living creatures around me.

Because I forgot to shut the window during the flight, the lighting was messing with my reading. So as I went to shut the window….


Blue skies, mountains below (can’t see here exactly), awe and wonder hit.

May we as young professionals never lose our wonder of the living and breathing creation around us. We don’t have to settle for the trap. (Ok, we do have to get our work done and plane rides are great for this.)

This also happened:


Have you ever told a parent of young child, especially those stressed in a moment of chaos and such, “hey you’re doing a great job as a parent.” You might get a quick “thanks” as they get on with a crying baby on an airplane and you might get tears. How do I know this? Because an 80 year old woman stopped me in the grocery store a few weeks ago and said that— plus “you have beautiful children… enjoy them”… and she smiled with a deep joy on her face.

Awe and wonder in the mountains, blue skies, crying babies on airplanes, and 80 year old ladies in Meijer.

Let us not miss it. There can be so much awe and wonder in what’s going on around us.

Also, this post is a bit of a ramble today. I recently have heard some interviews with writers talking about their recently launched books… how they wrote it for themselves. They needed it above all. Same here, y'all. Same. So in writing about something like awe and wonder, just assume it’s probably for myself to not forget a topic, embrace a topic, or change for a topic. Just had to mention that as someone who keeps this small little blog…. I never want the message to come across as all knowing, I’ve-figured-it-out-so-read-this, or anything that the lady sitting next to me on the plane might be writing on. HA- ok that’s terrible and assuming and I need to let it go.

(Letting it go…. kinda…..)