Ditch the Dish; Read More 📡➡️📚

Last year, my family and I made the decision to ditch the Dish. As in a cable provider. And not so that we could spend more time on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Trust me, a round of The Office or Parenthood sounds fantastic. But to spend less time (and money) on yet another screen and more time with real faces and real things.

One primary reason for my interest in ditching the Dish was to read more. I knew that my mind could veg out on some television series OR I could develop a reading plan and stick to it throughout the year. It’s amazing how much time frees up when the tv goes off. For me, the ease of flipping a switch on rather than digging into a book was easier.

But prior to this golden realization is an odd silence. No tv background noise, no dramatic news station trying to get us all worked up to try to do the same thing in approx. 2 minutes, no family buying a home for 3.8 million dollars on HGTV.

But a year later nearly cable sober, I have read more books than I imagined. I have tuned in vs. tuning out. Do you have a “Dish” in your life that might be worth ditching? (Can I also throw others into this pile for myself? Social Media and Salty snacking (my best friends are lol’ing and agreeing).


I place great emphasis on reading more than anything else. As young professionals, having an active reading lifestyle is significant to our growth and development— not just in our careers but in all other areas of our lives, as well. A few reasons to incorporate more time for reading in your schedule:

  1. Reading saves you time: What? That doesn’t sound correct whatsoever. Imagine that someone was sitting in front of you after living out things like starting or running a business, becoming a better communicator, or any other key topic to your profession. And imagine they were giving you some helpful practical steps to save you time in your own life— to make the same decisions based on principles or to NOT make that same decision. Potentially by-passing YEARS of a certain effort or habit…. what a good deal, right? Bam, that’s a well-written book by a wise author. (And yes, I know there are some terrible, self-help books out there that are worthless. But there are too many good ones to let that hold you back.)

  2. Reading impacts your brain: I won’t try to summarize the many studies that exist on this subject. Go read about it. 😉 The white matter in your brain increases for an active reader. Check out images of a brain while reading and exercising vs. watching tv or using social media. Incorporate fiction as well as non-fiction, too, for added benefits.

  3. Habit Formation: Start the habit now as a young professional and see the fruit of your efforts over the long haul. Don’t let others discourage you, either. Start young, stay consistent, and see the growth.