Measuring Cups and Tablespoons


I’m not really a cook but I do enjoy cooking. I like the whole add-a-little-this and a-little-bit-of-that in the process. With that said, I’m not the best with measurements. Meaning that I know HOW to do that but don’t always do it. And then I wind up with a curry dish that carries so much curry that it’s over powering… or not enough, and its flavor isn’t fully present. I recently made a beef vegetable soup that had so much black pepper in it that we were doing this wiggle of a dance while eating it. Needless to say, it had more than a kick to it. Because flash back in time, I just poured in some black pepper, thinking I was looking like Chef Ina in my kitchen.

So I’m learning about how important measurements are in my cooking. Profound knowledge here today for you.

Oh and timers….. Setting a timer for the first time to check in on the cooking project. IT WILL BURN if I don’t set a timer. I will move on to something else and forget every single darn time. (Mind blown, I know, at this tip in the cooking process.)

Measurements and timers— the same is true of our goals and action steps around those goals. Put the measurements in— 3 workouts per week; read once every single day; write 5 thank you cards per month. Put a timer on its completion or a date to review progress. At the end of the month, this will be complete or I will evaluate the progress.

This all sounds overly simple and really, really basic…. but it works. And the constant, ongoing process of having measuring cups and tablespoons and timers in our lives will create some good stuff. Like a beef vegetable soup with the perfect amount of black pepper.


Had a great time with Ag Grad founder Tim H. during a recent Live event on Facebook. We chatted about the start of the Sharpen podcast, transitions as a young professional (including why to consider re-locating and how to grow where you’re planted). Tim also shares a recap of an episode I had him on for to discuss when to (and not to) get a Masters degree as a young professional.