Word of the Year

I know what you’re thinking. Well, maybe I do.

This sounds like another New Year hokey pokey thing to do… designate a word of the year.

But hear me out.

….. Cause there tends to be a few groups here on the subject of goal setting: The All In’rs (you’ve had yours done since October 2018); the I-don’t-really-care’rs (word of the year?); and the I Don’t Need One’rs (word of the year? Just do it and don’t make a fuss about it all….. hello my hubby….. ha!)


This photo makes it hard to see what is written on this bracelet— steadfast, my 2019 word of the year. This arrived from a dear friend after our 2019 Goal Setting Retreat. Here, we each identified our word of the year and this arrived shortly after with my individual word of the year.

Beauty and a reminder and thoughtfulness— all in one.

But the process of getting to that word was not so easy and pretty and a finished package. And this would be my first reason why a word of the year is very powerful.

1) The Process of Getting There:

For months, we had brainstormed what was being laid on our hearts and minds. We then fine-tooth combed through a year review to get there. The process of getting to a word of the year includes reflection, a deep reflection. That process alone is worth it. It makes you look back on all the goodness, the challenges, and the gaps to see the direction to take in the future, aka the new year.

2) Focus

Having just one word to focus on— visually have out on your desk or bathroom mirror or vehicle windshield— is very key. Each and every day, you can identify your daily top 2-3 priorities and list this as an overarching theme of focus.

3) Accountability

Having a word of the year makes it easier for your people to hold you accountable because they can also remember that one word and ask how you are making progress and what challenges you face.