The D Word


No this is not a blog post using curse words. Let’s talk about discipline. This is rarely the headline of development articles…. words like freedom, passion, entrepreneurship, boss babe, etc. lead the way. Sometimes people will reference someone with great discipline in an area of their life and comment

I just wasn’t made that way. She/he was born with discipline to __________________ fill in the blank.

Truth is discipline is not something you are born with. It is developed over time. Maybe better said, discipline is grit… the willingness to keep doing something even with it’s uncomfortable or difficult.

Discipline is not glamorous or sexy when it comes to our daily habits and lives. Exercise every day for 30 minutes might sound great but the actual doing it is usually not glam. Read 3 books a month sounds super smart but actually doing it doesn’t usually feel better than Netflix. Show genuine and specific appreciation for my spouse or parent or friend is waaaaayyyy awesome but the actual time to do it can be easily replaced with youtube or instagram.

But the beautiful thing about discipline is that it creates beautiful things in life. The actual doing, saying, writing, serving is what leads us to grow and foster new relationships and achieve new business results and sleep more hours and not be bombarded with our phones and…..

The D word is one to embrace and be ok with sometimes not being super showy. Be gritty, my friends. Embrace discipline.