There's nothing magical about January or Febuary


I was driving past the Planet Fitness in town the other day and noticed that the parking lot traffic had disappeared overnight, it seemed. Now please don’t hear yet another cynical remark about this from me…. social media is full of them! Many gym goers praise the month of March for finally getting the gym all to themselves and boasting something about the tough and focused surviving. (included with a selfie of a flex…ha!)

The narrative of the magical nature of the beginning of the year is not fully a lie— there really is something about starting a new year that can bring out that sigh of relief and a bolt of energy and motivation. But just because progress on a goal isn’t going exactly as planned and now March is approaching doesn’t represent failure. Failure is not a person, it’s an event. Haven’t lost that 5 lbs? Start back up with exercise and nutrition. Didn’t read a book per month? Sit one out on your night stand today.

So start now. Make the move. There is nothing magical about January or February…. or any month for that matter. Young professionals- we have an opportunity to start into March just like January, with energy and expectations for progress to be made.