Recognition vs. Appreciation


A quick note to start your week….

I’ve been reading The 5 Love Languages of Appreciation by Chapman and White. Highly recommended to all but especially young professionals in that first 10 years of a career. I’m not finished with it yet but in the opening, the authors discuss the difference between appreciation and recognition.

Recognition- what’s good for the company or organization

Appreciation- what’s good for the company or organization AND the individual


Authentic appreciation goes beyond just the external performance of an individual to include who they are and their gifts. And it’s offered in a way that really fits that person. (i.e. the love languages discussion)

Authentic appreciation is the goal and requires no status of being a manager or the ‘person in charge’ to carry this out. In fact, the authors have shared that peer to peer appreciation is one of the most valued forms of appreciation.

(Also did you know among our peers as young professionals, “not feeling appreciated” is so stinking common of a reason that someone leaves the company or organization? Not sure of the data on this one but I’m almost betting top 2-3.)

As we make out way into this week, let us seek out opportunities to authentically show appreciation to those in our sphere of influence. Let us be culture creators vs. culture consumers or even worse, deterants.