One liner to eliminate


“Call me if you need anything.”

We often hear this, don’t we? I use this one liner often— wrapping up a phone call, emailing someone for work, or even if a friend is going through a hard time.

In an attempt to express “I’m here to help”, this one liner goes against our actual intention. What it does is take the intentionality out of the equation. Often when people do need the most help, they don’t want to have to take that extra step to call… sometimes for something that they don’t even need they help with.

Ever been in a hard season of work or life and someone said, “Just call me if you need anything.” Did you? I’m guessing there were several no responses there.

Now this is not to say that in our work lives we don’t own the development piece— if someone has offered to help you, call them. Please reach out and seek input and advice.

But a more helpful and thoughtful approach to work and life would eliminate “just call me if you need anything” to a phone call that expressed “I’m calling to see what I can help with.” Or even specifically to reach out with a “I remember going through this specific season of work and how I wish someone would have told me these three things or offered to help in this way.”