Feedback and Counsel

I heard a great podcast episode this week where the guest shared the difference between feedback and counsel. Smart people get feedback; wise people get counsel. What he meant by that was feedback is something you ask for during and/or after the event/project….. “How is this going?” kind of questions. Counsel is what you seek before any of it and from select people in your life who are wise….“What would you do all over again and what would you change” kind of questions.

I think you could even say wise people seek counsel and feedback. So going into this week as young professionals, how can we seek counsel and feedback…. get out ahead and learn from those with more experience and take a pulse on what’s already in the works. This same podcast guest would also remind you to take in all the feedback and be able to filter it down; when it comes to counsel, don’t seek this broadly, only from those who are consistently wise.

This is one of the reasons I loved a past episode on Sharpen, Intergenerational Friendships. What a great privilege to have friends of different generations to seek wisdom. I think our ability to seek counsel and thus seek wisdom is limited by our ability as young professionals to seek intentional mentoring, friendships, etc. with those of other generations.