Real relationships win


Just getting home from Q 2019 and again, another agenda that is so relevant, compassionate, and inclusive of the conversations that not only need to be taking place in churches—also businesses, communities, etc.

One key take a way was the focus on community…. real life real world real people relationships. The data on loneliness, distractions, and health is too much to capture here— go watch a few Q talks. :-)

But the big thing as we begin this new week— meet/talk to/invest in a real human relationship…. take the steps to do so this week and the next week and the next. Look into the face of a real human and notice what delights him/her, worries, and anything in between.

Goal of the week? Be a real human that talks with real humans in real time because real relationships win.

Also if you’re looking for a conference unlike any other conference, check out Q.