The Balance of Doing and Waiting


This time of year, I spend several days in fields with farmers planting their crops. If you follow the weather closely, you’ll know that this spring hasn’t come with ease for farmers working to get the crop in the ground.

Upon arrival to a tractor cab or a farmer’s shop, we quickly start talking about the weather and progress made in planting. The conversation tends to have two themes: you need to wait until the ground is right and you also need to go when you can and get the work done. It’s a tough call when you are waiting on and trying to work with the weather.

I always leave those conversations 1) so thankful for our farmers 2) reminded of the balance of waiting and doing. Farmers model this well— that it’s a constant pendulum swing of when to do and when to wait.

When it comes to the many aspects of being a young professional— career changes, financial investments, geographical moves— we can learn from this model of balancing the when to do and when to wait, when it might be better soil for the doing to come. There also has to be a reminder to ourselves that we aren’t going to do this perfectly or master it— you can’t. Just like farmers know their decisions aren’t perfect, we can possibly experience some freedom of the doing and waiting when we know this.