Look up, Chevy


Every three years, my company sends those of us in the field who drive a lot to a defensive driving course. I can hear some of you saying this in your head— oh boy, aren’t you lucky, with a sarcastic tone. The thing is….I really enjoy this class! We spend a bit of time in classroom but turn right around and go to our vehicles to practice everything we’re taught. And every year I go, I’m reminded of how a course like this is an excellent refresher of a training to experience. (I also like slamming my ABS brakes on after accelerating to 45 mph so there’s that, too.)

Each time, I hear the instructors repeat several things they did three years ago, but that I still need repeated probably more often than every three years. One of which— eyes up, look ahead, don’t stare at the problem, look for the solution. In reference to driving down the road, we often look at the 40 feet of what’s going on directly in front of us and miss what’s up ahead, potentially trouble in our driving path. If we keep our eyes up, we can manage the 40 feet in front of us while also preparing for the 120-200 feet ahead. Good or bad.

I can still hear the instructor from my first class, as I took off in my Chevy truck— “Look up Chevy.”

(I also can hear the instructor from three years ago tell my team mate “coming in hot” in reference to his exceeding the speed limit of the obstacle… but that’s neither here nor there…..)

Eyes up, look ahead, don’t stare at the problem, look for the solution. That’s good driving advice and that’s also good work advice. So you might be Subaru, Ford, Hyundai, or Toyota… but look up, whoever you are.

((Also plug for driving dynamics— if you are a young professional that spends a lot of time behind the wheel, it is worth your time in attending a course like this.))