Add Value


If you’re like me, you graduate college hearing frequently that it’s all about the people that you meet and how those relationships can change the trajectory of your life.

Which is so true.

But when this is the sole message, you can often find yourself trapped in the thought of thinking I just need to keep meeting people so they’ll keep changing the trajectory of my life. When I wish the point of emphasis was this— you’re going to meet a whole heck of a lot of people. How are you going to add value in their lives? That should be the thing.

If you’re a recent graduate wanting a job, find a way to add value in the lives of those you want to meet. Get into their worlds, maybe literally but also figuratively, and find a way to make their day, business, life better. And that is exactly how you’ll get a job. That’s exactly how you’ll change the trajectory of your life— by having more focus on adding value than meeting people and reaping some reward.

Look to add value first.