You're never too young or old to mentor


I had the great pleasure of meeting a friend and mentee this week for coffee while she was in town with her internship. Although we had just an hour, that hour of conversation was full of goodness— discussion around how to think of seasons of life, how to also plan for the future, getting the most out of the college years, etc. And as much as I’d like to think that I’m mentoring in this conversation, so much of what she said was coaching and encouragement and mentoring to me.

Isn’t that the beauty of these mentorship relationships?

You really are never too old or young to mentor— This young leader showed me with an attitude of humility, curiosity, and willingness to ask good questions, you are ready to mentor. We need mentors of all ages with these characteristics.

So if you are a young professional and questioning your ability to mentor based on experience, step up and into a role of mentorship. A new employee on the job site? Reach out in a specific area you might be able to assist. An organization in your community seeking mentors for children? Reach out to find out how you might be able to lead and support. A college student studying your same major and hoping to have a role like yours ones day? Reach out and offer a day of job shadowing or a lunch visit.