Be a good customer

Recently, my family and I took a day trip to Holiday World, a theme park nearby our town. While in their water park, our two year old wanted to carry her own drink and on the way out of the drink station, spilled it all over the ground. She was devestated— she understood the mess part but more so, her independence was at risk. Without skipping a beat, a nearby staff member named William came over and told us that he’d clean up the spill and started refilling her cup, asking what she was drinking. For the rest of the day, my toddler talked about the “nice boy William” who did a very kind thing for her.

I couldn’t wait to send Holiday World customer service a note on this small but big deal moment for us. It reminded me of how I want to be a good customer of places I do business with which then lead me to make a few mental notes of practical ways I want to do this, especially when people like William are on the scene to serve and go above and beyond. Hey young professionals: let’s start now in becoming good customers; what a shift in thinking to become a good customer rather than mindless consumer.

  1. Take note of names: The name of our barista, waiter, check-out guy or gal, sales person, etc. Look at their name tag, say it, and then when William-moments happen, spend the one minute to send a note to their customer service (along with telling William and others in the moment how awesome they are).

  2. Give feedback: As shared above, take the time to share those positive stories of the people and companies who are making our lives better. And if there is feedback for improvement, also share that too— but as a customer who wants to see them improve and become better (not as the ranting, entitled customer…. #theworst). I have never found it impossible to find a customer service contact for any company in the matter of 30 seconds. Best practice: Use the customer service link rather than social media because sometimes feedback gets lost in the mix of the marketing initiatives.

  3. Share their great work or products: Use social media or another form of communication to brag on companies and brands we love as consumers.