Life as a Momma

I did it.

Our spunky two year old Cora has learned the art of the blame game. You know how it goes—

Caroline did it! (If Caroline simply touches her face and it apparently really *hurt*.)

Daddy did it! (When Tyler puts her to bed at her regular bedtime but she isn’t ready.)

Mommy did it! (When I brush the tangles out of her hair very carefully but she wasn’t having it to begin with.)

Just the other day, Cora bit her tongue while snacking and talking at the same time (I feel your pain, sweet Co). And after the tears were dried and she processed what happened, she proclaimed-- ‘Cora did it!’

I had to keep myself from laughing, of course. But what an example of owning up to a problem! The mind of a child is often a refreshing reminder to us all, and this was a great example.

How many times would it be easier to say—he did it, she did it—rather than

I did it. My bad.

A two year old can remind us all that one of the most powerful statements can be—it’s my fault. I own this. Although that can be very difficult and go against our pride, it is fundamental for leadership and for all relationships in life.

So the next time you blub up at work, are at fault in a relationship, or even if you bite your tongue, please proclaim '(insert your name) did it.'

Thanks for the life lesson, Cora!


How is it with two?

A question I get quite often now-a-days is:

“How is it with two?”

You see, in September we welcomed our second daughter into the family. I’m not sure what all has happened over the past three months (aka lack of sleep), but it has all been wonderful and evidence of the Lord’s infinite love and grace in my life. Sweet girls, they are! (Except the diapers…. Those aren’t so sweet.)

Photo by Danielle Hayden, Two Arrows Photography

Photo by Danielle Hayden, Two Arrows Photography


So to answer the question, as a working mom of two under two (C just turned two in December), I’ll share a bit of what I’ve learned:

1.       I’m getting used to being late

To church, work, you name it. But I’m not letting that become my excuse to lean on, either. I really try to get all bags in the truck the night before—literally everything packed except milk. And then if crap literally hits the fan, (which it will, right mommas? Sometimes LITERALLY) you can be somewhat prepared. Fortunately I have a great manager, great team mates, and great customers that have been there, done that. Heck, sometimes they even give me a paper towel to wipe the spit up off my shirt. Some of you just made a “that’s gross” face.

2.       Speaking of milk…..

It’s literally all about milk at our house. I’m either pumping all day between meetings for the baby or running to the grocery (aka Dollar Store in rural Thruston, KY) to get milk for the two year old. Got milk? Yes, all the time. Because two little ladies might have their world fall apart if we don’t. Working mommas that want to keep nursing when you go back to work—you can do it! I’m happy to give some practical advice to anyone interested.

3.       Rock solid immune systems, expected arrival: Kindergarten

I’m convinced that the girls are going to have rock solid immune systems by age 5-6. Sickness found itself in our house all of December. If anyone reads this from our daycare, they are laughing because every time I see their name pop up on my phone, I’m thinking and sometimes answer, “Who’s sick today?” Working mommas know that they then have to take off work or have someone cover at home for at least the next two days—and that’s like orchestrating a military operation, it seems.

4.       Lastly, baby + toddler= weightlifting

For moms that have twins, how did/do you do it?! Seriously, carrying a toddler on one side, baby on the other feels like I’m in extreme weight lifting.  

All of the comments with “working mom” aren’t meant to say moms that work inside or outside of the home have it more difficult or easier than the other. Actually, they both come with sacrifices that look quite different and some that are the exact same. Which leads me to the entire point of writing this post…… Everything in life comes with trade-off’s. Everything.

If anything, the biggest thing I’ve learned with two under two is how valuable all of my momma friends are—not just in giving advice but their influence in my life. I respect them all and know they all sacrifice in different ways. But the one common thing among them all, they all sacrifice big for their families.

So the same moment I’m packing bags at 11 pm in my truck for the next day since we have to be out the door by a specific time, another mom is working a late night shift that allows her to be home three days straight. Another mom is enjoying quiet time on Pinterest because she gets NO QUIET TIME ALL DAY LONG. And another is grading papers of her students and looking forward to the summer break with her kiddos.

You see—all different scenarios, all sacrifices, all amazing moms.

Nothing new and profound here, just the way I’d like to answer when I get that question—How is it with two?