Adult Friendships

Rich Friendships

Now, more than ever, I have realized the value of good, adult friendships. Now-- meaning after spending this past weekend with two of my best girl friends in life.

We stayed up late each night talking about our dreams, life struggles, and everything else in between. Now don’t picture an episode of the Gossip Girls in action—these ladies HATE gossip (An attribute of them being great adult friends). If your adult friends love gossip, you need new adult friends. End of story. 

Adult friendships are one thing that I think makes life so rich. And it saddens me when I hear other adults say they feel alone in life without deep, meaningful friendships. I know just how important these are in my life, day in and day out.

And although I’ve only done the adult friendship thing for just a bit here, I’ve learned:

A.      You can only go deep with just a few:

In adulthood, not everyone is going to be your best friend nor is that a healthy goal. To really go deep in conversation and life together, only a few friendships, true friendships, will develop.

B.      Maintain and Invest:

It is SO DIFFICULT to have adult friends, especially when those people live across the globe/country. It takes investing our resources and energy into these people to maintain that quality of living life together as best we can. I am so thankful for friends that have spent time and money to travel to see me post-college, and I will always view a flight to have face-to-face interaction with my friends as a valuable investment. But hear me now, it takes intentionality and it is SO WORTH IT.

C.      They won’t tell you what you want to hear:

“I think you’re just being selfish.”

“You need to keep a check on your heart with this situation…”

I have had those exact statements and many more versions spoken to me by my true friends. They know they won’t hurt my feelings because their truthfulness and perspective is too important to leave out of the conversation. I am so thankful for their willingness to be a voice and not side-step things in life.