Quiet Time

Quiet Time

Approximately two years ago, I would get out of bed at 5:00/5:15 am, rested, and go down to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and quiet reading time in my Bible.

It was seriously the best way to start my day.

I would also let the dogs out for their morning bathroom break, feed them both, make myself breakfast, potentially tidy up the kitchen, and then have plenty of time to shower and get ready.

The routine of it all today makes my heart leap a bit! More so, the kick-start of Biblical truth to start my day was such a foundation in beginning a day with the right mindset.

Sometimes I would get up even earlier because 2-3 days a week I had sessions with a personal trainer. So throw a workout in that mix and give me a slice of humble pie. Because I felt awesome about myself.

Fast forward two years later and things are very different. No morning reading for any length over a cup of HOT coffee. I’ve now acquired a taste for cold coffee, seriously give it a try! (All the moms of littles are nodding, I think.) The dogs follow me around as soon as I wake up, still early but because Little Miss is an early-riser, as well. They seem to be saying, “We will follow you around to make sure you don’t forget about us and our bladders.” Workouts are when Little Miss is of the tolerant attitude to go on a walk or run in her stroller- some days she can’t even handle me pushing her around in a cushioned device, it’s rough for her I tell you.

All in all, take the routine two years ago and shift it around like a Rubik’s cube and wah-lah—you have the routine of today!

At first, I felt less—less Christian, less professional, less adult, less wife, less you name it. My morning routines were a very good and healthy routine to develop, but I had gotten to a point of idolizing them. I just checked every box and boy, it made me feel better because of that. But most of all, I think it was because I had “quiet time” before and this was just not the case anymore.

Church sermons, podcasts, leadership books, professional development seminars—they all tell me that a solid morning routine with quiet, reflective time is so significant. And although that has somewhat come back again, the truth is I just can’t have the quiet time like before. And that’s ok. I’m… We’re…. not less of anything because of that. I recently read in a book that each and every time a baby cries out in the dark of night, it is a sound reminder to Satan that precious, God-breathed life is in the dark of night. The noise-- early rising toddlers, beeping and buzzing emails, trailing-behind dogs, washing machine running at 4 am—it’s good and ok.

I can and will walk with the Lord in the noisiest of times. Actually, I walk closer because I feel less control and am reminded of all the life HE has created around me.

Young professionals, maybe you needed this reminder today? I do and did every day.

I want to be intentional about quiet time to read and think but sometimes, it just aint gonna happen.

So in that moment, join me in saying—

Quiet time? Not right now. I choose the noise and Lord give me this day my daily bread. Grace for the moment and just for that moment. You’ll meet me every hour, quiet or noisy. I’m not less of anything. (Except can you make me less sleepy, Lord?)