EP 45: The Enneagram 7 with Mark Muselman

Are you optimistic?  Do you find you always have a million ideas? As a result, are small details sometimes overlooked? If so you may very well be a seven on the enneagram. Sevens tend to be the life of the party and love to lead and take charge in a group setting. It’s important as sevens to both cultivate that sense of adventure to really dive into what we love, but also to take stock that the little things do matter and must be paid attention to.

In this episode I sit down with Mark Muselman a real estate entrepreneur who absolutely loves what he does and it shows. Mark shares with us how an enneagram 7 functions because he is one. He describes in detail what motivates a seven, what weaknesses a seven has, and how to encourage the sevens in your life.  Sevens like to move and they like to get things done and we talk about how that plays a role in everyday life as well as in business. Get ready for a fun filled episode with Mark!

In life, we are all presented with opportunities. @M2Communities @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast

Questions asked:

What does it mean to be an Enneagram seven?

How are you using the Enneagram framework in your job?

How does a seven maintain a healthy functioning?

What motivates a seven?

How can we support people who are a seven?

Topics covered:

What’s it like to work with a seven?

How seven’s bring the life to the party.

The truth about entrepreneurs.

Why it’s important to focus on the little things.

Quotes from the Show:

“Find one thing you do well and do it over and over again.” @M2Communities @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“Sevens are great at creating moments.” @M2Communities @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“Pursue the highs of life.” @M2Communities @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“We have to pursue the day to day with excellence.” @M2Communities @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“If we don’t focus on our job today we’re going to miss out.” @M2Communities @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“Don’t just run from hard things.” @M2Communities @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

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