EP 47: Enneagram 4 with David Fox

Learn to give grace when you can. @DavidFox @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast

Today we are welcoming David Fox to the show who is representing the "four" or the "individualistic" type in our enneagram series. David shares valuable insight not only to fours who are trying to navigate the workplace but also to leaders who want to engage with and champion the fours on their team. David explains why fours do not like to be typed, why emotions are important to them, and how creativity and solving hard problems motivates a four.

We also dig a little into the history of the enneagram and how we can use it as a tool to understand others and as David says, "Where their hurt lies". We wrap up the show with a powerful conversation about the roles of mentors in our lives and how in cross-generational relationships it is important to come to the table "with more questions than answers". Whether you are a four yourself or if you are seeking to better understand the fours in your life, this conversation with David will answer so many or your questions and help you better relate to (and value) the role of the four in the workplace and beyond.

David’s Shout Outs

Grace Church

Unfounded Notions (Twitter)

Questions asked:

How can we better engage with and motivate fours?

How to work on a team with a four?

What numbers work best with a four?

Topics covered:

Being okay with pivoting in your career.

The best way to be a champion four a four.

How to love a four well.

Quotes from the Show:

“You can definitely peg a four out of a crowd because they are purposefully walking the wrong direction.” @DavidFox @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“Fours definitely want to be pursued but they would feel cheapened if they were fully known.” @DavidFox @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“The best way to champion a four is to say, ‘I believe in you.’” @DavidFox @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“If you are managing a four make it a safe place to fail.” @DavidFox @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“Putting your best foot forward isn't the same thing as being disingenuous” @DavidFox @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“An ideal perfect job for a four is to work for themselves.” @DavidFox @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“Just because you are going through an existential crisis does not mean that you cannot enjoy it.” @DavidFox@KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

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