EP 48: Enneagram 6 and 8 with Janette Barnard

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Today we are welcoming Janette Barnard as we continue our enneagram series. Janette does not quite fit in the box as she has one foot in the eight box, and one in the six box.  She explains how she functions as both and why she has the behaviors that she has. She also talks about what it’s like reading through the enneagram and not having a number that jumps out at you and how to handle that.

Janette is vice president of marketing and sales for the company DecisionNext.  She talks about how understanding the enneagram helps us both in business as well as in our personal life.  How it enables us to really dive into the why and the reasons for why we do what we do. Her perspective is straightforward and I’m excited to dive into this week’s enneagram number with Janette.

Janette’s Shout Outs:

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Questions asked:

What do we need to know about types six and eight?

How are you using the framework both inside and outside the workplace?

What are your go to’s for learning the framework of the enneagram?

Topics covered:

Valuable aspects of the enneagram.

Where to start when you are learning about the enneagram.

Why the enneagram is different than other personality tests.

What it looks like when a number doesn’t scream at you.

Quotes from the Show:

“The enneagram is a conversation starter.” @JanetteJoyB @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“The Enneagram is a different level of depth.” @JanetteJoyB @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“There’s not one number that is my core number.” @JanetteJoyB @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“There is a risk in how we use the ennegram.” @JanetteJoyB @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

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