EP 49: Enneagram 9 with Ruth Ann Lane

“You need to put time into what matters.” @RUTHie_ANNie @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast

Today we are welcoming Ruth Ann Lane to the podcast.  Type nines can have difficulty making decisions and going for things.  In addition nines are very unaware of their own anger, and as such have difficulty dealing with issues with others, especially because they like harmony and so avoid showing disagreement, and let the anger build up.  As a result sometimes that anger then spills out in some not so great ways.

Ruth talks to us today about her love for agriculture and how she got started in as an ag teacher.  In addition she dives into what it’s like to function as a nine, what struggles they face, and how to best deal with both the things that come easy for nines and the things that are difficult.  Nines like to keep the peace and we dive into how that can be both beneficial, and when nines need to recognize that’s what is happening and deliberately make changes.

Ruth’s Shout Outs:

Edge Mentoring: https://www.edgementoring.org/

Her husband

Questions asked:

How do you approach the enneagram framework?

How can we be good teammates of type nines?

What do healthy nines look like?

What do nines need to hear most often?

Topics covered:

How nine’s function.

How knowing the tendencies of a nine help to stop procrastinating.

Healthy vs. Unhealthy nines.

Recognizing when unhealthy traits are happening.

Quotes from the Show:

“I could see when I wasn’t being a healthy nine.” @RUTHie_ANNie @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“Momentum is huge for nines.” @RUTHie_ANNie @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“When you start it’s like a snowball effect.” @RUTHie_ANNie @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“Narrow things down for a nine.” @RUTHie_ANNie @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“Once you start small there is a snowball effect.” @RUTHie_ANNie @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“Nines need to feel like their opinions are important.” @RUTHie_ANNie @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

Connect with Ruth Ann:

LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ruthannmyers/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ruthie_annie/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RUTHie_ANNie

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