EP 51: Enneagram 2 with Hope Curtsinger

“What motivates me to help others is that feeling of wanting to be loved.” @HopeCurtsinger

We are wrapping up our enneagram series by welcoming my dear frined, Hope Curtsinger to the podcast.  In this episode we dive into number twos, which have been referred to on the show as one of the best numbers! Twos love to serve and care deeply about others. Hope talks about why she believes twos love to serve, and how twos need to be aware of the reason so that it doesn’t direct us to a negative place. She believes that twos need to understand why they feel they need to help everyone so that they don’t overstep boundaries.

Hope is a nutritionist, wife, mother, and part time florist, and she talks about the balance of all those things as well as how creativity helps her to stay in a healthy state.  We discuss how twos need clear cut directions and why that is. We also dive into how to work with twos in the workplace so that we can best help them and not overwhelm them. This is such a fun conversation and the perfect way to wrap up our series!

Shout Outs: Flower and Furbish

Questions asked:

What resonated with you from the enneagram?

What does health look like for a two?

How can we best work with twos?

Topics covered:

Why two’s want to serve.

How creativity can help you stay healthy.

What it feels like to be in-tune with the emotions of those around you.

How clear expectations can help twos out.

Quotes from the Show:

“Be in touch with your emotions but don’t be controlled by them.” @HopeCurtsinger @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“Having boundaries is important as twos.” @HopeCurtsinger @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“As a two, have a creative outlet.” @HopeCurtsinger @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

“Twos like to feel appreciated.” @HopeCurtsinger @KirbyOGreen #SharpenPodcast Click to Tweet

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